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Having the most modern practice design allows our patients access to the highest possible quality of diagnosis as well as being comfortable. All of our computers are on a fully networked system, which allows every employee access to patient pictures, x-rays, and treatment information from any workstation. Because we work with so many photographs and digital x-rays, every workstation has a large, high-quality monitor installed. Most importantly, the pictures from the patients can also be used during the consultation and for the planning of the procedure. This is why we use the world leading, orthodontic software “QuickCeph.”

The digital properties from our x-ray machine keeps the radiation exposure to a minimum and delivers fast results. As the X-ray machine works completely free of chemicals and recycled materials, it is ecologically friendly.

By having an inviting ambient in combination with patient-friendly designed rooms, we have a huge impact on whether or not the patients have a comfortable treatment. Of course, all treatment rooms are fully integrated with climate control. Naturally, good lighting and harmonic color-schemes belong to this concept as well.

The application of the most modern technology is also there, even when you cannot see it: in the Practice hygiene, especially during our water treatment, in the sterilization area, and also in our laboratory.

Our certified quality management ensures all treatment steps are performed in compliance to the constant instructions and with absolute traceability.


Dr. Madsen auf Invisalign-Kurs

Dr. Madsen auf Invisalign-Kurs Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment method with removable transparent aligners that we’ve offered since the launch in 2001. The Invisalign® system has

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