Our practice in Ludwigshafen, Ludwigstr. 36

My goal is to be able to offer a top-quality service to all patients that come to the practice. Through our treatments, we want to have the best results, the shortest treatment times, and the smallest social impairment – as well as having a friendly atmosphere where the patients can feel they are the center of our focus. The reasoning behind this is the constant, extensive training, in order to bundle our different ideas together under one roof so our patients have the ability to access this knowledge.

The concept of our office patient-centered, which means wishes and the necessities of the patients are first. Our duties as doctors are to offer and explain all of the possible treatments and consult you during the decision making process. Because deviations of the teeth and jaw positions are not seen as medical diseases and in most cases do not require any form of treatment, we do not act as omniscient doctors, but instead as fair consultants for the patient. We want to offer a patient-centered model and not a doctor-centered! Our certified quality management ensures all treatment steps are performed in compliance to the constant instructions and with absolute traceability.