Forsus Spring

The Forsus Spring is one of the latest Herbst-clones and is based on the Herbst-Scharnier forward-acting device that is used for the treatment of overbite in the lower jaw. The advantage of the Forsus Spring as opposed to the classical Herbst-Scharnier is that it can be clipped onto a fixed brace (multi-bracket appliance). This allows two different things to be treated at the same time – correction of the bite and straightening of all the teeth. This means that the period of treatment is a bit shorter which is obviously an advantage for the patient. Unfortunately, the use of fixed springs in conjunction with a rigid bracket-brace often results in broken brackets. This means that this kind of treatment can prove to be very labour-intensive.


Overall, the Forsus Spring is a modern, comfortable addition to a fixed brace and is to be recommended where an overbite in the lower jaw needs to be corrected quickly and quietly.