The Headgear is an external removable bracket that is anchored to the teeth and is held together by a neck- or head-strap in order to put pressure on the upper jaw and the upper set of teeth. The Headgear pulls the upper teeth backwards thereby making room in the jaw for overcrowded front teeth but it also inhibits the growth of the upper jaw which is necessary when there is distoclusion (overbite Angle-Class 2). It is a very old but effective appliance when it is actually worn. Unfortunately, it is not very popular with patients and so it shares some of the disadvantages of a removable brace: it is dependent on the patient’s cooperation; it is not worn for as long as it should be and therefore often fails as a result of this.

At first glance, neither of these appliances looks very nice. But they are usually only worn at night and for a few hours during the day – and that is of course at home. Their schoolfriends do not even know that our patients normally wear a headgear. Once young patients get used to it, they can sleep with a headgear without any problem and this usually produces a good result. The length of treatment with a headgear is usually no longer than about a year and after that, or even simultaneously, patients usually have a bracket.

Cervical Headgear

Occipital Pull Headgear