The Lip Bumper is a brace for the lower teeth and is usually attached with bands to the 1.molars (the first big back teeth).The Lip Bumper can either be fixed in position or can be of a removable type. The Lip Bumper can be used to tilt the 1. Molars backwards and to spread the lower teeth out a little. The Lip Bumper is a reliable and well-accepted appliance and, for this reason, is far superior to any active plate.

This is how the Lip Bumper looks in the mouth: it is hidden behind the lower lip. It straightens the 1. Molars somewhat and, at the same time, ensures that the lower teeth can spread out and grow properly – and it doesn’t upset the younger patients.

Because the German fee reimbursement system pays more for removable braces than for fixed ones, a less efficient and very cumbersome active plate is usually used instead of a Lip Bumper. Here is a tip for patients: ask your orthodontist right at the start whether he can put a Lip Bumper in instead of an active plate.

An Example of Treatment with a Lip Bumper

Before the Lip Bumper was employed, the gaps for the remaining canines were so constricted as a result of premature loss of the milk teeth that the other teeth were not able to break through. After just 9 months of treatment the gaps had opened up thus allowing the canines to position themselves correctly. And this is all done without any disturbance to the speech or adverse social effects and without making any demands on the patients’ cooperation. Yet the treatment is almost 100% reliable.