Crozat Brace

The Crozat-appliance was developed by G. Crozat around 1900 and is a removable brace that consists entirely of soldered wire components. The wire parts are located mainly on the inside of the brace. Since the Crozat-appliance does not have any bulky plastic parts, it does not adversely affect speech as much as the Active Plate and, for this reason, it is also offered to adults. However, like all removable braces, it only works where there is a slight tilting of the teeth but cannot achieve any substantial movement of the teeth, rotation of canines and molars or tooth lengthening or shortening. For this reason, the Crozat-appliance is only used for relatively simple treatment procedures. Since the results are generally quite modest, it only makes sense to use this device where the patient has fairly low expectations about the outcome. With the emergence of the Invisalign procedure, the Crozat-appliance should now be classified as obsolete. My advice to patients is; stay away from the Crozat appliance.