Forward-Acting Double Plates

This is one of the newer developments among all the numerous double plates. In principle, they are offset activators in upper-jaw and lower jaw-plates. Like the Activator, they are usually supposed to bring the lower jaw forward in order to treat an Angle-Class 2 distoclusion. In order to do this, the double plates are joined together by some kind of special mechanical element. These are usually strong metal spurs like on the older Müller-Dornen plates or the more recent forward-acting double plate. The advantage of the forward-acting double plates is that they do not impede speech quite so much because they take up less space and they can also hold the lower jaw forward, even when the mouth is slightly open. With mono-blocks such as the Activator and Bionator, etc the lower jaw quickly sags backwards when the mouth is slightly open which means that it has no effect. Even today, the forward-pressure double plate can, under certain circumstances, prove to be an acceptable brace particularly when it is combined with a headgear & strap.