Fixing the Brackets

Before the brackets are attached, all the teeth are cleaned and polished. Then, the surface of the teeth where the fixed brace is going to be attached is etched slightly with an acid dilution. Finally, the patient gets a lip and gum retainer, and the teeth are dried completely using cotton wool and suction.

The etched surfaces now look mat compared with the shiny enamel of the other teeth. Now the orthodontist spreads a clear, thin layer of adhesive on the teeth, whilst his assistant puts some thick glue on the bottom of the brackets – the fixed part of the brace. She then passes the orthodontist one bracket after another. He then puts one of these on each of the teeth, positions it correctly and removes any excess adhesive with a scaler.

When all the brackets have been stuck on, the lip retainers are removed and the patient can now rinse thoroughly for the first time. Next, the orthodontic wires are attached to the brace and are fixed to the brackets. Finally, the teeth are usually fluoridated to protect against damage. The whole procedure lasts between 30 and 90 minutes. Sometimes it can pinch a little here and there but, on the whole, putting in a fixed brace with brackets is a painless and harmless process.