Treatment with drugs makes sense where there are appropriate indicators. For arthritis or arthrosis, patients are normally given non-steroid anti-inflammatories for a few days such as Ibuprofen or Voltaren (active ingredient: Diclofenac). In case of chronic joint pain these drugs are not suitable because of their side effects. A good alternative is Palmitoylethanolamid (PEA) – a food supplement, which you can buy without the need of a prescription. PEA is a natural substance which works like antiphlogistics, but doesn’t show any known side effects.

If there is muscle pain, Katadolon (active ingredient:Flupirtine), muscle relaxants or low doses of antidepressants can also be considered. The important thing with all drugs is that they should only be used for a fixed period of time and are intended to produce a quick improvement in the symptoms. Long-term medication should, as a rule, be avoided.