ClearCorrect (Straumann 2020)

ClearCorrect is a long-standing aligner system that was acquired by the large dental company Straumann in 2020. Since Straumann is state-of-the-art in many fields of dentistry, including 3D technology and digitalisation, it is not surprising that ClearCorrect has been expanded into a complete aligner system that is also suitable for complex cases.

This can be seen, among other things, in the use of attachments bonded to the teeth, which are called engagements in ClearCorrect. These engagements are a prerequisite for many difficult tooth movements that cannot be achieved with simple aligner systems.

Like the Invisalign system, ClearCorrect uses a multi-layered aligner material that should have a high restoring force. Pricing structure and digitised workflow with a digital planning portal also seem similar to what we are used to with Invisalign. As a company mainly active in general dentistry, Straumann seems to be targeting dentists rather than orthodontists with ClearCorrect.



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