Spark Clear Aligner (ORMCO 2021)

ORMCO is the world’s largest manufacturer of orthodontic products, especially fixed appliances. It was to be expected that ORMCO would not miss out on the rapidly growing aligner market.

After some experiments with aligners for minimal corrections (Simpli-5), ORMCO launched a full-fledged, largely digitised aligner product under the name Spark in 2021. Both the different price levels based on the number of aligners needed, the planning software and the use of attachments placed on the teeth possible with Spark are similar to Invisalign, the pioneer among full aligner systems.

With Ormco’s know-how and financial potency, Spark may develop a very good aligner system that is also suitable for complex cases. Since Spark is still quite new on the market, there are, of course, hardly any field reports or even scientific articles on it yet.

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