Ortho-Caps from W. Khan (D, since 2006)

Ortho-Caps is a system whereby two aligners can be produced for each step in moving the teeth. One of them is made from a hard, thin material and is worn during the day and the other one is made from a soft, thick material and is worn at night. (hardCAPS are made from PET-G, 0,8 mm in size, softoCAPS are made from a double layer of polyurethane and PET-G, 2 mm in size). According to the OrthoCaps company, not only can they be used for the correction of minor deviations in the front teeth, but also for Kl ll/lll transverse changes, deep-bite and open-bite.

The latest version of the OrthoCaps system includes CAD software with a computer setup and 3D visualisation for the orthodontist, which makes treatment planning and advising the patient much easier. The software is also supposed to allow for root movement and to enable an improved choice of materials for the Aligners. The field of application for OrthoCaps is mainly for the correction of small to medium deviations in the front teeth.

Web: http://www.orthocaps.de