ilovemysmile is nothing else but the lower levels of Invisalign – InvisalignLite and InvisalignExpress – but in a reduced form without attachments attached to the teeth. Aligners without attachments can only correct very slight malocclusions, mainly on the front teeth.

As soon as a complex tooth movement is necessary, such simple aligner systems are not sufficient to achieve a good result. On the other hand, this saves a lot of medical working time, so that an apparently very cost-effective offer can be made.

The motive for creating the brand name ilovemysmile was presumably to counter the price competition from the numerous do-it-yourself aligner providers. Still, a bit strange, as actually only well-known Invisalign products are offered, albeit in a shortened form. It is likely that for most people interested in ilovemysmile it will boil down to pointing out the better performance of the completely normal Invisalign products, in order to then buy them at completely normal prices. Then ilovemysmile has at least done a good job as a loss leader. iLovemysmile is offered in about 25 partner practices in Germany, usually orthodontic practices that offer Invisalign anyway.


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