Elasto-Aligner and Elasto-Finisher of Hinz (D, since 1989)

In the 1980’s, O. Yoshii from Japan was able to further improve on the Positioner-Principle because new kinds of silicon of varying degrees of elasticity had been developed for the manufacture of Positioners. At the same time, positioners also became thinner and could be produced for each single teeth quadrant, so that even greater movements of the teeth could be achieved because the appliances had become more flexible.

When used at the end of a course of treatment with a fixed brace – which is just the time that the teeth are most movable anyway – these Elasto devices were able to produce movements in the order of 2-4 mm.

This is more than twice as much as could be achieved by using a classical rubber Positioner. In 1989, the Hinz-Kfo Laboratory was granted licences to manufacture Elasto appliances in Germany. Hinz makes the Elaso-Aligner, Elasto-Finisher, Elasto-Bond and the Elasto-Osamu.

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