SunClear is an aligner product of the dental company Sun Dental Labs in Florida/USA. Sun Dental Labs is a large and international company with dental laboratories in China and Turkey, among others, and is expanding into Europe. SunClear aligners are designed for the correction of small to moderate tooth malocclusions, as shown on the company’s website. The treatment cases shown on the website would all correspond to the lower levels of Invisalign®, i.e. Invisalign® i7 and Invisalign® lite – SunClear is probably not suitable for complex cases.

SunClear has particularly low manufacturing costs, is fully equipped for digital cooperation with intraoral scanners and, according to its own statements, also uses attachments with which difficult tooth movements are possible. On the SunClear website you will find extensive work instructions and handouts, especially for dentists who practice orthodontics. SunClear works together with certified dentists and does not offer do-it-yourself therapy. The size of the company and the quality of the website suggest that SunClear is a serious aligner product for simple to moderate treatments.



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