In-Ovation L Bracket (GAC)

The small size of this brace ensures improved comfort for the patient and also allows for wider spaces between the brackets. This in turn allows for better utilisation of the elastic qualities of the orthodontic wires, which means less effort and less pain when the brace is actually activated.

This brace has a well-adapted base for the inner surfaces of the teeth. The wires of the In-Ovation L Bracket are not fixed with elastic or wire ligatures but with a small metal clip on the brace itself (self-ligating brace). This means that, with this brace, it is basically no longer necessary to change the ligatures.

Easy Manageability

Users of the In-Ovation L Brace report that it is easy to manage, allows for quite good three-dimensional control of teeth positioning and also provides a good level of patient comfort. However, since this particular brace is not yet being widely used, very few cases involving treatment with this brace have been published. So, at present, it is not possible to be any more specific in terms of its advantages and disadvantages.