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Fujita Bracket

K. Fujita’s lingual Bracket was one of the first special lingual brackets on the market and was already introduced in 1979. Typically, the slot of the bracket does not open horizontally towards the tongue, but vertically upwards. Originally, the wire was held to the bracket by a small metal pin, similar to the historical Begg Technique. The Fujita Bracket, like the other pioneers in the market, the 7th generation bracket from Ormco, has been steadily developed.

As far as can be seen, the quite capable Fujita Bracket was marketed mainly in Japan and neighbouring East Asia, while it was not available in Europe. Since there are some publications in English about the product, it can be assumed that the Fujita Bracket has a certain market share. Little can be said about particular advantages and disadvantages on this meagre basis. However, there is no question that this bracket can be used to solve cases of all difficulties.

All sources about the Fujita Bracket that can be found on the web are dated before 2000, so it can be assumed that the bracket is no longer in production.


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