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Magic-Bracket (Dentaurum)

The Magic-Bracket is rather similar to the Ormco 7th Generation Brace. It is more or less the same size and the wires can be connected (ligated) using a similar technique. One important difference from the Ormco-Bracket is that the Magic-Bracket does not open horizontally with the tongue but opens vertically upwards. For this reason, it is not so easy for the arch wires to slip out of the slot.

Range of Applications

The Magic-Bracket probably has as wide a range of applications as the 7th Generation Bracket and is also about the same in terms of any restrictions to patient comfort. However, since this particular brace is not yet being widely used, very few cases involving treatment with this brace have been published. So, at present, it is not possible to be any more specific in terms of its advantages and disadvantages.


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