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The Lingual Technique is 30% -100% more expensive than treatment with normal braces that are fixed to the outside of the teeth. The total cost of Lingual Technique treatment in both jaws can range from €6,000 – €20,000. In affluent areas the price is usually closer to the maximum, whereas, in the not so well-to-do areas, it is less.

So, there is a price difference of several thousand Euros between the Lingual Technique and normal (braces) technique. The additional costs for the Lingual Technique, in contrast to normal, labial braces, are generally not reimbursed by the compulsory health insurance funds. The same is true of most of the aid authorities (Germ:’Beihilfestelle’) for public service employees: they are just as restrictive as the compulsory health insurance funds in that they do not reimburse additional costs either.

Reimbursement of a small part of the additional costs is possible with private health insurance, but, just like with the compulsory health funds, total reimbursement of all the additional costs is excluded. So, even privately-insured patients must expect to have to make a contribution of between €2,000 and €6,000.



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