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Stabilising the Result of Treatment

After orthodontic treatment with braces has been completed, it is generally not to be expected that the teeth will remain in their new positions by themselves. Without further measures, a more or less rapid return to the original position is the normal development. If patients want a permanent result, they have to do something to stabilise the position of their teeth – for life!

and fixed retention

All measures to stabilise an orthodontic treatment result after the end of active treatment are called retention. Retention is an imperative part of orthodontic treatment because all tooth movements tend to regress after the end of treatment. Various removable and fixed braces, collectively called retainers, are used for retention.

The best solution is usually lifelong retention, whether with fixed or removable braces. However, most orthodontists consider fixed retainers to be more reliable, more comfortable and more economical. In our practice in Mannheim, we therefore mostly recommend fixed retainers.


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