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The scientific standard today is to perform most orthodontic treatments in a single phase with fixed braces. Unfortunately, the reality in Germany is different, because here especially the orthodontic treatment of children and adolescents is still largely carried out with the outdated removable braces. One reason for this is the conservatism of some German university professors who, contrary to the state of science, still teach an unjustified amount of removable treatment in orthodontic training at universities. A large number of the older professors felt far more obliged to the ancestral heritage of the old “functional orthodontists” than to the current state of science.

But another reason is the German fee system, which rewards long-lasting, less efficient treatments better than short and intensive treatments. In addition, almost all German orthodontists have their own laboratory where removable braces are made. So they have a material interest in treating as much as possible with removable braces.

The high proportion of removable treatment in Germany is therefore due on the one hand to deficiencies in training and on the other hand to the consequences of a nonsensical fee system. This information portal is also intended to make its contribution to putting an end to this waste of limited health care resources at some point in the future.

We want every patient to have access to efficient and humane treatment at reasonable cost. Objective information that is free of economic interests is a prerequisite for this.


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