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Treatment Duration with Braces

In orthodontics, a distinction is made between active treatment, during which the teeth are moved with braces, and the subsequent retention phase, during which the teeth are stabilised in their new positions.
The duration of active treatment depends on the treatment task: merely straightening two rotated incisors can be achieved in three months, while comprehensive active treatment usually takes one to two years, in a few individual cases even longer. Active treatment times of more than two years should only occur in a few exceptional cases with good treatment planning.
In a well-organised, modern practice, an average treatment time of about 18 months is achievable for children and adolescents, i.e. a little more than one and a half years. In contrast, the average treatment time in Germany is between 3 and 4 years, i.e. about twice that. This is mainly due to the widespread use of often pointless and ineffective removable braces. Another reason is that treatments are often started far too early, at primary school age. The scientifically justified standard, on the other hand, is to start most treatments only when the change of teeth is connected, i.e. at the age of 10-12.
A reasonable average treatment time for aesthetic treatments of the anterior teeth in adults is 8 months, i.e. well under a year. Here, too, the usual treatment times in Germany are unfortunately often much longer. Comprehensive adult treatments with bite correction, tooth extractions or other complex measures take on average about 18-24 months with reasonable treatment planning.
The length of the retention phase also varies greatly, but lifelong permanent retention with a fixed retainer bonded to the inside of the anterior teeth has proven to be best.
It is important to achieve the shortest possible treatment times for our patients for two reasons: firstly, orthodontic treatments have certain risks, especially tooth decalcification and root damage. Both risks are minimised by a short treatment time. Secondly, orthodontic treatments are always elective procedures that the patient freely decides on after consultation with the orthodontist, which, in addition to the hoped-for benefits, also entail various burdens for the patient. we reduce these burdens to the necessary minimum through our short treatment times. The treatment time should therefore always be the subject of the consultation and will be stated in advance to the exact month.
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