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Root Resorption

Root resorptions are enamel deposits on the roots of teeth that can appear as small, limited depressions or even the disappearance of entire root tips. They can also occur in the natural dentition and completely without orthodontic treatment, but are also a regular side effect of orthodontic treatment.

Some root resorptions are repaired, but larger defects remain after treatment. Most root resorptions are so small that they are not perceptible in the panoramic x-ray (OPG) and are never noticeable by any harmful permanent consequences.

In about 20 % of orthodontically treated patients, changes can be seen in the panoramic radiograph on close inspection. However, these changes very rarely become significant later in life. Tooth loss due to root resorption could theoretically occur, but is extremely rarely described in the entire scientific literature.

The main known risk factors, apart from a hereditary disposition, are the treatment time and the length of the path that the roots have to travel. However, it has never been possible to clearly prove the causal effect of certain orthodontic appliances or treatment procedures.


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