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All dental braces move the teeth through pressure. The pressure is transferred to the roots of the teeth and leads to bone loss on the pressure side and bone growth on the tension side of the roots. This process can lead to discomfort in the teeth and occasionally pain during the course of orthodontic treatment.

Removable braces typically cause slight discomfort to the teeth for a few days after being activated by the orthodontist or after an installed screw has been unscrewed. Fixed braces, especially bracket braces (multibracket appliances) cause teeth sensitivity for about three days after insertion and after changing the wires in most patients.

In some, very sensitive patients, this is even experienced as toothache. Patients who are affected can help themselves through the short pain phase with commercially available painkillers.

Tip: Tooth movement can always cause discomfort, and the older the patient, the more so. A certain amount of toughness is therefore part and parcel of orthodontic treatment!


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