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It is our aim to offer top class orthodontic treatment for all our patients in our office in Mannheim.

In the course of orthodontic treatment we want to achieve the best results, the shortest therapy duration and the least social disadvantages in an inviting ambient where our patients feel that they are the centre of our attention. The prerequisite for this is constant, extensive further training in order to bundle the current specialist knowledge under one roof and make it available to our patients.

Moreover our concept is patient-oriented which means that the patient’s wishes and needs have top priority. We see our task as doctors in offering our patients all current treatment options and advising them on the choice. As deviations from an ideal tooth or jaw position have no significant disease value and aren’t often in need of treatment, being an advisor is more favourable than being an omniscient doctor which is unfortunately still the case. We want to offer a patient- not a doctor-oriented model.

Further Training and Quality

We do more than usual for our continuing education. In our practice in Mannheim, we subscribe to 14 professional journals, most of them in English, and have plenty of up-to-date specialist literature. This ensures that everything from treatment techniques and materials to administration and practice hygiene is always up to date.

Our certified quality management (QM) ensures that all treatment steps are carried out according to constant specifications and with absolute traceability. The QM system is constantly maintained and further developed.


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