Hygiene is very important in our orthodontic practice in Mannheim. We therefore do more for the cleanliness and safety of our patients than just complying with the legal requirements. Thus, in our practice in Mannheim, at least one employee has an additional qualification as a sterility manager, which is actually only asked for in hospitals. Of course, we use state-of-the-art equipment for reprocessing and sterilizing our instruments.

Regarding a weak spot in hygiene – the water supply in the dental chairs – we put our money where our mouths are. In our orthodontic practice, the water is slightly chlorinated, similar to waterworks or swimming pools. The addition of chlorine is precisely dosed and constantly monitored so that we can guarantee germ-free water. In this regard, we work together with Blue Safety which offers the best concept for water hygiene in the dental practice (Link: bluesafety.com). We are convinced that the chlorination of drinkable water in the dental practice will be mandatory in a few years.

Chlorine production in practice
Quite exact: dosing pump for water chlorination
Modern sterilizer - everything online!
Aufbereitung von Winkelstücken mit dem DAC
Processing of contra-angles


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