Sustainable Results

We will always integrate medical aspects from our field whenever it is necessary. Of course a perfect aesthetic look is one of the most important treatment goals. However, our concept is not just limited to that, we are aiming towards having the best possible harmony within all of the following individual structures: the teeth, the periodontium, the musculature, jaw joint, and the face. I am concerned with overcoming the traditional, craftsmanship thinking of dentistry and attempt to enable an attempt of a holistic approach, in which the human psyche has its own place as an independent entity. Orthodontics is more than just administering braces to every patient.

By not only focusing to achieve good aesthetics, we also focus on sustainable results by – onwards from the first diagnosis – paying a lot of attention to the periodontal ligaments and functional aspects. When necessary, we will develop a team and work together with dentists, orthodontic surgeons, along with other medical specialists with strict guidelines for a successful orthodontic procedure in applying braces. Of course, there is also cooperation with physical therapists, speech therapists and ergo therapist.