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Medical Aspects – Sustainable Results

The medical importance of orthodontics is traditionally greatly overestimated in Germany. Most orthodontic treatments are predominantly aesthetically-motivated elective treatments without major medical consequences. From a medical point of view, orthodontics is just a long way off, and in dentistry prophylaxis and periodontics are far more important than orthodontics. However, medical aspects of our field will be regularly integrated in our practice in Mannheim, if they are necessary in individual cases.

Of course a perfect aesthetic look is one of the most important treatment goals. However, our concept is not just limited to that, we are aiming towards having the best possible harmony within all of the following individual structures: the teeth, the periodontium, the musculature, jaw joints and the face. Our team of orthodontists is concerned with overcoming the traditional, craftsmanship thinking of dentistry and to enable an attempt of a holistic approach, in which functionality, facial aesthetics and the human psyche have their own places as  independent entities. High quality orthodontics is more than just administering braces to every patient.

We are not only focusing to achieve good aesthetics, we also focus on sustainable results by – onwards from the first diagnosis – paying a lot of attention to the periodontal ligaments and functional aspects. That is why the periodontal probe and functional diagnostic arches are part of our everyday life in our practices. Periodontal pre-treatment and supporting oral hygiene are also the most common measures before orthodontic treatment.

When necessary, our team of orthodontists will work together with dentists, orthodontic surgeons, along with other medical specialists with strict guidelines for a successful orthodontic procedure in applying braces. Of course, there is also cooperation with physical therapists, speech therapists and ergo therapist if necessary.

Beware: Charlatans and Snake Oil Vendors are on the Way

Unfortunately, many orthodontists come up with far-fetched but well-sounding promises of healing. Two internet searches (Berlin 2014 and Frankfurt / Main 2017) showed the same picture: 80% of orthodontists advertise orthodontic treatments with alleged health benefits, for which there is no evidence. The most common claim made by these colleagues is that orthodontic treatment can prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease and temporomandibular joint disease – while there is no scientific evidence to support this. From chronic headaches to migraine, inner ear diseases such as tinnitus and vertigo and chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system are supposed to be reduced or curable by orthodontic treatment. Although associations with one or other of these disorders have been consistently claimed for decades – one can almost speak of a certain folklore – there is no evidence orthodontic treatment can produce prphylactic or curative effects in these diagnoses. With such promises, patients are provided with a false model of disease and deceived with unfulfillable therapeutic hopes. Our orthodontic team in the practice in Mannheim considers this unethical and abstains from such promises.

Manual diagnosis of the temporomandibular joint
Manual diagnosis of the temporomandibular joint


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