Our Service: Detailed Information on the Entire Field of Orthodontics

We can answer a large amount of questions related to orthodontics with understandable answers. Like always, we are following the concept of evidence-based medicine. Therefore, our statements do not coincidentally reflect existing opinions, but are based on the published state of science.

In our glossary, more than 300 orthodontic terms are vividly explained and rated to give patients quick and easy access to information on many orthodontic topics.

For several years, Dr. Madsen has been publishing articles in German and English scientific journals. In order to make our knowledge and experiences accessible to a large circle of readers, you will find the published articles under publications.

Criteria for qualitative ratings of an orthodontic treatment are explained. Moreover, we inform the statutory insured, privately insured as well as the self-financing patients about the costs.

Also instructions for dental care, the correct use of toothbrushes as well as the interdental hygiene – especially for fixed braces – can be found on our service pages.

Selected links to other orthodontists, forums, scientific journals, online journals, associations and products provide you with further sources of information.



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