Our Service for You: an unbelievable amount of information about orthodontics

We can answer a large amount of questions ralated to orthodontics with understandable answers. Like always, we are following the concept of evidence-based medicine. Infromation on our websites does not represent the phantasies and individual thoughts, but are rather based on published scientific.

Our Lexicon contains over 100 articles with explanations and personal ratings, which offers patients an easier and faster way of getting ahold of this information from a large amount of orthodontic themes.

I have published articles in German and English-speaking magazines for several years. I publish open articles so I can appeal to a larger audience so they can learn my knowledge, my views, and my experiences.

Criteria for qualitative ratings of a orthodontic treatment is explained to you just as we explain the emerging costs for public insurance, privately insured as well as self-financing patients.

We also have other available instructions about dental care, proper use of the toothbrush, and maintaining a hygienic oral cavity – especially during a treatment with fixed braces – is all found in our service page.

Links are available to other sources of information from orthodontists, forums, e-journals, associations, and products.