Continuous education

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Continuous Education

In orthodontics lifelong and continuous education is required in order to guarantee the best standard of diagnosis and therapy. Therefore, we have subscriptions to 14 medical journals in our practice in Mannheim which are available at any time and studied regularly. Particularly interesting scientific articles are exchanged via the internal distributor and discussed with our orthodontists. As subscribers, we have free internet access to the archives of the subscribed magazines, which is extremely important as soon as you want to research something special. You can find links to some of the magazines on our website under service > “Ortho-Links”.

Literature Review

The most important new publications of international textbooks are regularly purchased and reviewed. So much literature isn’t available in other orthodontic offices in Germany, even in many university hospitals it’s a great exception. We will not stop short of accomplishing our goal, which integrates the global expertise under one roof with constant updating, that’s why we make this high commitment.

Einige unserer Fachzeitschriften
Some of our scientific magazines
Eine Auswahl aktueller Fachbücher
A selection of current scientific literature

Courses, Congresses, Orthodontic Literature

In addition to viewing the literature, between ten and twenty working days per year are reserved for congresses and courses for all orthodontists in our practice in Mannheim. Moreover, continuous education is not only required from our orthodontists, but by all employees of the practice: we only employ specially trained dental assistants what allows them to be named orthodontic assistants. There are also literature and regular courses available for them as well. Also, continuous education is provided to the dental technicians so they can be educated and up-to-date with the new material and technical aspects of the profession.

Online-Zugang zu allen Zeitschriften ist am Wichtigsten
Online access to all magazines is most important.


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