Treatment Planning

The foundation of an efficient treatment

Treatment Planning

There is hardly any orthodontic case with a single, clear-cut best treatment option. So if it makes sense, we try to offer our patients several realistic options including their advantages and disadvantages. In many cases, it is up to the patient to consider which of the different medically reasonable solutions they like most.

Patients Benefit from our Know-how 

Our patients can rely on the enormous amount of knowledge which has been collected in our offices. Fourteen professional journals that have been subscribed to for decades, lots of meters of other literature in our bookshelves, and continuously taken educational courses guarantee that our consulting and treatment planning are always at an optimal level.

Both orthodontists regularly attend continuing education courses and exchange news internally.

In addition to the patient’s wishes, the overall state of health, in particular of course the oral health and our diagnostic findings are taken into account in the planning.

Simulating the Treatment beforehand

For extensive treatments, we can also simulate different possible treatment outcomes with our diagnostic software “QuickCeph” to help patients make decisions. These simulations can be viewed on screen and handed out in digital form, which can be an important decision-making aid for patients.

Alle diagnostischen Daten werden für die Planung herangezogen.
All diagnostic data are used for planning.
Behandlungsplanung mit QuickCeph
Treatment planning with “QuickCeph”


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