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Orthodontic Links

Disclaimer: Dr. Madsen excludes any liability for the links listed. Any liability for the content of the links referred to is explicitly rejected. Dr. Madsen especially does not take responsibility for the correctness, legality, decency and the observing of copy rights and decency with regard to contents of the websites listed.

Information about Orthodontics

  • Kevin’s Orthodontic Blog, Kevin O’Brien is one of the brightest scientific minds of contemporary orthodontics. He is professor and head of the orthodontic department, University of Manchester, UK. His blog can be strongly recommended to all those who work in the field of orthodontics! It is an extremely valuable internet resource, nonetheless it can be subscribed at no charge.
  • wenigeristmehrzahnspange.wordpress.com, this is the blog of Alexander Spassov, who has worked for more than 10 years at the orthodontic department of the University Greifswald, Germany. For many years, he had been provisional head of the department. He was thrown out after publishing scientific articles that seemed unacceptable to the orthodontic mainstream in Germany. Thus, freedom of research as well as of opinion in German orthodontics are not much better than in North Corea. A very good internet resource in German language, accessible at no charge.
  • Zahnspangen.cc, perhaps the best German information forum for orthodontists. The thematically arranged discussion forums are supervised by very committed young orthodontists, so that the professional quality is quite high.
  • Kfo-online, comprehensive information on orthodontics, many more links, access to the Kfo-journal, an internet journal for orthodontists and the ability to search for orthodontists in the entire German-speaking area.
  • Smiles-Online.de, detailed information on orthodontics with a comprehensive link collection for further surfing and the Smile Club for young people with braces.
  • Zahnspangen.org, informative website for patients from the German Professional Association of Orthodontists
  • Kfo-aalen.de, very well designed homepage with many impressive examples of treatment of an excellent colleague from Aalen / Ostalb.
  • www.braces.org, Website of the American Association of Orthodontists with much information for patients
  • www.lingualsystems.de, a very well designed website with good information about lingual orthodontics, made by the producer of WIN braces.
  • Lingualtechnik.de, very informative website about the lingual technique in its most modern form – from the manufacturer of the Incognito apparatus
  • www.dglo.de, website of the German Society of Lingual Orthodontics

Orthodontic Products

  • Strite Industries, Strite Industries, Canadian company that developed and distributes the revolutionary SPEED bracket worldwide which is used in our practices. The SPEED bracket is aesthetically pleasing because of its miniature shape and allows for faster treatments as there is minimal friction between bracket and wire. It also reduces the treatment duration on the orthodontist’s chair significantly! Great homepage with many examples of treatments with SPEED brackets.
  • Quick Ceph Systems, developer of the world’s leading software for orthodontic diagnostics, documentation and treatment planning. Incidentally, the boss is a German orthodontist.
  • Ormco, one of the top American companies with an innovative range of modern orthodontic materials, manufacturer of the “invisible” lingual appliance. Also publishes an informative journal for orthodontists and has a well-designed homepage.
  • www.invisalign.de, website of the producer and provider of the Invisalign system
  • Zahnwissen.de, common information about dental health
  • Zahn-Online.de, a general information forum for patients referring to many aspects of dentistry.
  • www.zahn-im-netz, patient forums, lots of information and lots of links
  • www.dysgnathie.de, interesting homepage of the oral surgeon Dr. Kater with many explanations on orthognathic surgery.
  • American Journal of Orthodontics, official journal of the American Orthodontic Society, world’s largest orthodontic journal. The journal for those orthodontists who want to spread their scientific findings worldwide.
  • Angle Orthodontist, even surpasses the American Journal in reputation, supported by the private Angle Society, highest scientific claim, no advertising. A special feature is that due to a foundation, the magazine is in a position to provide its content completely and free of charge for everyone on the net.
  • Journal of Orthodontics, official journal of the British Society of Orthodontics. The special feature of this journal is the extensive integration of evidence-based medicine. Here, the journal is exemplary and often read with pleasure and professional gain.
  • Fortschritte der Kieferorthopädie / Journal of Orofacial Orthopedics, official journal of the German Society of Orthodontics, lovingly called by its friends “regression”, scientific level mostly good, as a German orthodontist, you have to have it.
  • Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, not very scientific, but very entertaining and practical.
  • Journal of Orofacial Pain, the world’s leading scientific journal on oral and facial pain. The scientific level is very high – being able to publish here is already an honor!
  • Orthodontic Cyberjournal. Of course, there are also journals that do not appear on paper at all, but exclusively on the internet. Access to the Orthodontic Cyberjournal is free, but you cannot expect perfection here.
  • Virtual Journal of Orthodontics: another internet journal for orthodontics, unfortunately mostly with fee-based information.
  • Evidence Based Dentistry. It represents a recent trend in dentistry to make decisions based on the best scientific evidence. In contrast to the past, as one had learned it by chance at university or from teachers.
  • The Deutsche Zahnärztliche Zeitschrift  is the scientific flagship of German dentistry.
  • European Journal of Orthodontics, a good scientific level, but mostly limited in wording and giving impractical information.
  • pubmed.com free and freely available access to the US National Library of Medicine, the largest medical database in the world

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