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Dr. Madsen auf Invisalign-Kurs

Dr. Madsen auf Invisalign-Kurs Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment method with removable transparent aligners that we’ve offered since the launch in 2001. The Invisalign® system has been continuously improved ever

Interview with Spiegel Online

In Germany, many children are treated with braces too early – moreover, for an unnecessarily long time. The reason: the little patients are very profitable. reaad more: German interview with

Article in the Stern 7/2018

In the magazine Stern from 8 February 2018 an article about dentistry was published. In its section on orthodontics Dr. Madsen is cited and typical patient examples of failures in

Article in the Welt am Sonntag

“Braces – All that glisters is not gold” Article on orthodontics that appeared on 13 May 2018 in the Welt am Sonntag See article (in German PDF)

Das Damon-Bracket – Ein Review

For many years the damon-bracket was marketed as breakthrough and an historical turning point in orthodontics. After some dozens of quality studies about this bracket now we know that apart

Manual Structural Analysis (MSA) According to Bumann

The Manual Structural Analysis (MSA) according to Bumann comprises a series of manual techniques for the examination of the jaw (temporomandibular) joints (TMJs). Manual techniques (examinations performed with the hands)

Functional Orthodontics

Functional Orthodontics describes the treatment with Activator-like appliances. It was originally introduced by Viggo Andresen in 1935. Since then, a perplexing number of activator-clones have appeared including the Bionator, the

Early Orthodontic Treatment – a Huge Swindle

According to the international gold standard it’s common to start orthodontic treatment when the patients’ early permanent dentition is present. The young patients are at the age of 11 to

Criticism of German Orthodontics on NDR

On January 16, 2018 the TV program “Visite” on NDR (a regional TV channel) reported critically on German orthodontics. Dr. Madsen was available as interview partner and had contacted a

Fastbraces – the Next Flop in Orthodontics

In orthodontics it seems to be a fashion that some manufacturers of brackets give unrealistic promises in sales promotion. It’s particular popular to claim that in comparison to other brackets

Removable or fixed appliances?

Removable appliances can’t really be regarded as an alternative to fixed ones because they show a different clinical effectiveness. Many tooth movements aren’t possible with removables. This holds true for

The right time for starting orthodontic treatment

Orthodontists often provide their young patients and parents with confusing information about the right time for starting orthodontics. Some colleagues recommend starting with orthodontics when the kids are at preschool

Müssen aus kieferorthopädischen Gründen Zähne gezogen werden?

Der Erhalt aller Zähne während der kieferorthopädischen Behandlung ist ein für uns vollkommen verständlicher Wunsch. Grundsätzlich könnte man auch jede kieferorthopädische Behandlung ohne Zähneziehen durchführen, was aber ganz vom Platzmangel

Wie lange dauern kieferorthopädische Behandlungen?

In der Kieferorthopädie wird unterschieden zwischen der aktiven Behandlung, während der die Zähne bewegt werden, und der anschließenden Retentionsphase, in der die Zähne in ihren neuen Positionen gehalten werden. Sprechen

Alternativmedizin in der Kieferorthopädie

Die Alternativmedizin erfreut sich besonders in akademisch gebildeten Kreisen zunehmender Beliebtheit. Zweifellos können viele gesundheitlichen Störungen mit alternativmedizinischen Verfahren günstig beeinflusst werden, und selbst wenn sich hinter diesen oft verblüffenden

Removable appliances aren’t cost-effective

For a long time it was claimed that orthodontic treatment with removables is cheaper than using fixed braces. Swedish scientists checked this statement in a cost evaluation study, published in

Hand wrist radiographs in orthodontics are obsolete

Surprisingly the hand wrist radiograph is part of the x-rays basically required in orthodontics. Generations of orthodontists believed to be able to predict the special growth spurt during puberty making

Removable appliances have no effect on jaw growth

Since the 1930s many orthodontists, mainly in Germany, believed to control the growth of the jaws by removable orthodontic appliances. Especially with functional appliances like Activator, Bionator or Twin Block

Randomized controlled studies

Randomized controlled studies (RCTs) are since some decades the gold standard for evaluating therapy effects in medicine. This kind of studies give the most concise and reliable answer for clinical

Do we need a ceph for treatment planning?

The cephalogram (ceph) is considered to be a part of orthodontic standard diagnostics for decades. However, it was introduced by some respected authors without a scientific validation of the procedure. While most orthodontists


Dr. Madsen auf Invisalign-Kurs

Dr. Madsen auf Invisalign-Kurs Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment method with removable transparent aligners that we’ve offered since the launch in 2001. The Invisalign® system has

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