Quality Management

providing quality during the process and outcome

Quality Management

Our quality management (QM) has been DIN/ISO 9001:2000 certified since 2007. However, we were not satisfied with the legal minimum requirements and developed an active, computer-based system that is used daily. The spine of the system is the office-guide, which controls and provides access to information ranging from the office manual to protocols about the regular team meetings and the overall office organization. The office manual has all regular processes documented in detail: this allows any member of our staff, regardless of experience, has the ability to perform all processes the same.

This QM-system was mainly developed by our qualified office staff and is continuously up-dated.

Result Quality

Of course, at the end of orthodontic treatment, the teeth should be straight and symmetrical with the bite being relaxed and in the proper position. However, many adult patients are only interested in improving aestehics of the front teeth, but are not striveing for anatomically perfect results. , These patients request the orthodontists to do treatment only on the visible front teeth. This is acceptable for adults after detailed examinations but only occurs in exceptional cases while dealing with children and adolescents. Not only do we strive provide the highest quality possible, we also measure the quality with the internationally known PAR index since 2010.

An independent scientist, from Cardiff University (Wales, UK), evaluated our results from 2011 and 2012. Severe cases are allowed up to 50 PAR-points and mild cases are allowed 10 points. In order for the treatment quality to be considered “good,” the final PAR value is 5 points with at least a 70% rating of improvement. We deal with a wide array of treatments, such as complete orthodontic treatments, aesthetic treatments for the front teeth only, and early corrective treatments intended for primary school-age children. Comprehensive orthodontic treatments are performed on 90% of our patients.

  • Comprehensive orthodontic treatments: 25.32 PAR points in the beginning, 6.02 points at the end, 74.4% improvement
  • Short aesthetic treatments: 19.39 PAR points in the beginning, 8.83 points at the end, 52.6% improvement
  • Early treatment in primary school-age children: 19.18 PAR points in the beginning, 7.45 points at the end, 56.4% improvement

Treatment Efficiency

The results of our comprehensive treatments are compared to the best results are available to the public in scientific literature. Efficiency is remarkable: due to our treatment times being very short, our yearly or monthly recovery rates are extremely good. Our patients with comprehensive treatment have an average treatment period of 18 months only. Through this, we are able to achieve an improvement score of 0.97 PAR-points monthly or 11.62 points annually. This is an extremely good value, which is otherwise not found in similar publications. The exceptional treatment efficiency means for our patients: good results in an unusually short time!


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