Quality Management

providing quality during the process and outcome

Quality Management

Since 2007, we’ve already been working according to our quality management (QM, DIN/ISO 9001:2000) in our former practice. Our orthodontic practice in Mannheim was set up according to QM standards from the outset. However, we have not been satisfied with the legal minimum requirements and have developed an active, computer-based system that is used daily. The spine of the system is the digital office-guide, which controls and provides access to information ranging from the office manual to protocols about the regular team meetings and the overall office organization. It’s accessible at all workstations at any times.

The office manual has all regular processes documented in detail: this allows any member of our staff, regardless of experience, has the ability to perform all processes the same.

In our practice, the weekly team meetings, which are recorded and whose summaries are read at the beginning of the next session, are an important part of our quality management.

In addition, we have introduced a targeted error and complaint management and carry out regular surveys on employee and patient satisfaction. Our QM system has been created for the most part by our qualified practice staff and is constantly updated and developed.

It is crucial that all employees, from the orthodontist to the apprentice, understand that QM, formerly sometimes mockingly translated as “quäl mich”, is an opportunity to improve our work results and experience more joy every day. We stand for for lived quality management with the striving for constant improvement.


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