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Mannheim is the third largest city in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg with a population of around 310.000 inhabitants. The city of Mannheim is home to a great deal of industry, from the Daimler’s bus plant at Waldhof, John Deere agricultural machinery at Lindenhof to one of the largest German coal-fired power plants directly on the Rhine. It is hardly surprising that the “Badenerlied” already says: the factory is in Mannheim.
But Mannheim also has a lively cultural scene and with the National Theater, the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum and the Kunsthalle – to name but the most important – it has a lot to offer. The Mannheim Castle, the largest German baroque building, is unfortunately somewhat deprived of its effect by traffic routes and houses parts of the University of Mannheim. The Augusta-Anlage and Friedrichsplatz bring a little bit of upper-class flair.
Mannheim is the major centre for the entire Rhine-Neckar region with its 2 million inhabitants, and even the citizens of Heidelberg love to go shopping on the shopping mile “Planken”.
Apart from that, Mannheim is not so much of great glamour, but rather a simple but honest working class city. That suits us, and we like the Mannheim mentality, the colourful population that lives together quite well, and the vitality of the city. That is why our team of orthodontists works right in the middle of the Mannheim squares and we are happy about our practice location!


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