Short Treatment Times

Your time is a priceless gift

Short Treatment Times

Our patient’s time is a valuable and lean good. Moreover, an orthodontic treatment and a removable or fixed appliance are always a burden that should be kept as low as possible. For this reason, we have always aspired to keep treatment times as short as possible in our practice in Mannheim.

Less Stress for our Patients

While the active treatment in young patients usually takes three to four years in Germany, we need less than two. Four or two years with braces: this may not be important with most orthodontists but it makes a big difference to the patients! This is important for children and teenagers since their motivation only lasts for one or two years. If you need more time, their patience is pushed to the limit and the treatments often fail. It is just the same for adult patients as they too prefer shorter treatments with the same result quality.

We shouldn’t forget either that any treatment with braces involves risks that can also be minimized by short treatment times.

Wth optimal planning of the treatment start according to physical development, an efficient technique, mostly fixed appliances, and focused and intense working all our orthodontists are able to assure our patients the extremely short treatment times.

As treatment time is of great importance to the informed patient, our orthodontists exactly inform you about the anticipated treatment time in months. This allows every patient to realistically ponder the strains they will have to face. In Germany, on the other hand, it is common practice, especially in the orthodontic treatment of young patients, to use the four-year contract period in total.

Gebiss-Situation vor der Behandlung
before treatment
Zahnsituation nach 14 Monaten Behandlungszeit beim Kieferorthopäden
after 14 months
Zähne vor der KFO-Behandlung
before treatment
Zähne nach 16 Monaten Behandlungszeit in der Praxis Dr. Madsen
after 16 months

… for both treatments, the usual treatment time in Germany would be 2-3 times longer!


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