The Patients’ Wishes

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Most Important: The Patients’ Wishes

Adolescent patients are usually treated without much discussion to get an ideal result. This means, in general, not only will the teeth to be straightened, but also the bite is adjusted ideally. Usually achieving ideal results without much effort is possible in young patients because of growth of the jaws. Rather than opting for treatment on their own, young patients are usually brought to on behalf of their parents, who want a comprehensive treatment with a perfect result. In the public health insurance (in which 90% of the population are insured) comprehensive orthodontic treatment is prescribed and covered. Nevertheless, the wishes of the adolescent patient and their guardian should be involved in deciding the treatment, along with any alternatives during treatment planning and treatment process.

However, our adult patients are usually more exact and have their own ideas of what it is they hope to gain from orthodontic treatment. Some patients want to only straighten a few front teeth, and on other hand, some patients wish to change the bite or facial features.

Orthodontists have learned the ideal image of the teeth and jaw position, and thanks to their training, they know how often they can achieve perfection. A schematic in order to produce ideal results is medically and ethically unjustifiable because tooth and jaw positions have no significant disease value. Therefore, it is better if we ask our adult patients for their wishes and ideas in order make it the basis for treatment planning. At our practice, the survey and discussion of the patients’ wishes is always at the beginning of diagnostics and treatment planning.


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