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Contemporary Orthodontics with Effective Treatment Methods

Every orthodontic treatment implies, in one form or another, burdens and risks to the patient. In order to minimize them, we keep the treatment times as short as possible. In our opinion, an efficient orthodontic treatment is a good result in a short time.

The average treatment duration in most orthodontic offices in Germany is approximately three years, while it is only 18 months in our office – which is half of the usual.

The most important prerequisite for short treatment duration in adolescents is the correct timing of the treatment start. In line with tooth replacement and growth, most of our treatments are therefore started in the early permanent dentition at the age of 11. An efficient, usually fixed appliance and attentive, intensive work secure our patients this unusually short treatment duration.


Full concentration: Dr. Hadsel is treating a patient.

Even with adults, we can achieve the best results with efficient work. Moreover, we offer a completely invisible treatment from the outside (lingual technique) and Invisalign® – transparent, barely visible removable aligners to particularly demanding patients who cannot or do not want to live with visible appliances. In both cases, we are among the first users in Germany: lingual technique since 1999 and Invisalign® since its market launch in 2001.

Dr. Madsen and Mrs. Münch are treating a patient.

In cases with very marked deviations of the jaws, braces alone will not do the job. In these cases the orthodontic treatment will be assisted by an orthodontic surgeon who will perform jaw surgery. In collaboration with some excellent surgeons, we can offer you the best conditions for a successful, interdisciplinary treatment. In our practices in Mannheim and Ludwigshafen, treatment duration for these complex therapies is often surprisingly short and can be completed in just over 12 months most of the times.


Dr. Madsen auf Invisalign-Kurs

Dr. Madsen auf Invisalign-Kurs Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment method with removable transparent aligners that we’ve offered since the launch in 2001. The Invisalign® system has

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