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Patient-Oriented Consulting

Orthodontic treatments are almost always elective. This means, from a medical point of view, they are usually not necessary. People can feel free to decide whether they want such treatments or not after weighing their advantages and disadvantages.

In our practic in Mannheim, our first question usually entails everything regarding the patients’ wishes. What is their drive regarding orthodontics? Which treatment goals do the patients have? The wish list of our patients is the basis for everything else.

Because we are able to comprehensively explain the advantages and disadvantages like costs and treatment duration we enable our patients to pick those solutions autonomously which seem to be right for them. Our patients can rely on a huge amount of knowledge – that’s why we can usually offer several useful options.

Our primary job during the decision process is to be a medical advisor, not a salesperson who is primarily driven to operate on a commercial basis.

Unfortunately, many practices are still handled differently: every single deviation from an ideal tooth position is presented to the patient and recommended as a need of treatment. This is often accompanied by working with fear by suggestions like: “If you do not accept orthodontic treatment, then there will be possible health hazards“. We view this style of consulting as being very unfair.



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