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Our Team

Since 1993 I have been operating my former orthodontic practice, since 2017 my second practice in Mannheim.

With Dr. medic. Univ. Bucharest Magdalena Jauch (orthodontist, since 2011), another doctor works with me in Mannheim.

Dr. Madsen and Dr. Jauch are specialists in orthodontics.

All the practice team members and my colleague share the same patient-oriented concept of our practices; in which fair patient consultations are performed, while utilizing modern forms of treatment with shorter treatment times and low impairment.

In our orthodontic practices in Mannheim, we have two administrative assistants, three specialized dental assistants, one assistant trainee and a member of the laboratory to make sure all of our patients receive efficient treatment as well as being in a comfortable atmosphere.

In order to hold a high consistency in quality all employees, as well as orthodontists, take part in our Team-day once a year under supervision of trainers and are also advised to attend internal and external specialty training. The last team day for every team member from both practices in Mannheim took place in March 2020 and was dedicated to training friendly interaction with our patients.


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