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You can find our practice in Mannheim in the new city quarter Q6 Q7. Your orthodontist Dr. Henning Madsen offers you a broadly based range of orthodontic services in his office in Q 7, 3 in Mannheim. It includes the diagnosis and therapy of dentoalveolar and skeletal malocclusions of children, adolescents and adult patients.

Dr. Madsen, orthodontist in Mannheim, places his particular focus on an highly effective orthodontic treatment: Achieving the best possible results in an extraordinary short treatment duration – being totally unusual in Germany. Usually an orthodontic treatment of adolescents takes an average of three to four years. In contrast the treatment duration is reduced to eighteen months on average by Dr. Madsen and his team. Furthermore state-of-the-art computer technology in diagnostics, patient consulting and office management is a matter of course.

Your orthodontist Dr. Madsen would like to emphasize that most of the orthodontic treatments are elective and therefore aren’t often necessarily needed. Patient consulting in the office in Mannheim is different from the common consulting. You and your family will be informed about the treatment possibilities, varieties, duration of treatment, the costs and risks. Your own wishes and ideas are of course taken seriously as a basis of treatment planning. It’s always on our minds that in some cases an orthodontic treatment isn’t nessecary at all, that’s why some patients leave our office, pleased with the consulting but without a treatment concept.

After patient consultation in Mannheim diagnostics are initiated.

Besides taking plaster casts of the jaws imaging techniques (digital photography and digital X-rays) as well as the structure analysis of craniomandibular dysfunctions are focused on. Cone beam tomography (CBT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are only useful if they have beneficial results for the therapy so they are only in use for diagnosis of special indications. In a next step the computer-based treatment concept is defined. The single treatment steps can be simulated and visualized by a special orthodontic software.

With a finished treatment plan therapy can get started. Your orthodontist usually uses fixed appliances which are defined according to the most advanced scientific and technical standards. We offer invisible orthodontic treatment for adult patients in particular. Furthermore Dr. Madsen obtains a certification for the lingual technique with Incognito® and WIN®. Extremely flat brackets are attached to the backside of the teeth (lingual) offering completely invisible braces. For treatment of moderate to medium-severe cases Dr. Madsen utilizes Invisalign® – thin transparent plastic molds which are changed every two weeks. Invisalign® is nearly invisible and suitable for those patients who do not want to wear fixed appliances in public.

According to modern scientific standards orthodontic treatment of children and adolescents should be started at the age of 11/12 years. Different kinds of fixed appliances are used. To a great extent, we avoid using the common, old-aged, insufficient removable braces. According to individual wishes invisible appliances like ceramic brackets and other possibilities are recommended for adolescents, too.

Special fixed appliances – the non-compliance-apparatus – and temporary miniimplants are used with great routine for solving special orthondontic problems. If requested, even extreme tooth and jaw misalignments in adults can be corrected completely by cooperating with a maxillofacial surgeon in Heidelberg. Patients suffering from craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) – painful disorders of the chewing muscles or the jaw joints­ – and obstrucitve sleep apnea have been taken care of by Dr. Madsen for years.

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