Early orthodontic treatment

Early orthodontic treatment refers to those treatments which start before the age of 10-12. In fact, there’re only a few honest reasons for early orthodontic treatment: The frontal and total lateral cross bite and other rare findings. It’s a pity that in Germany early orthodontic treatment is conducted excessively leading to elongated treatment duration and […]

Edge-to-edge bite

Edge-to-edge bite refers to the fact that a normal overjet between upper and lower teeth isn’t given. The direct contact of the teeth can lead to abrasion. An edge-to-edge-bite of the front teeth is regarded as a finding requiring treatment according to the KIG index. It leads to an entitlement to benefits from the statutory […]


Elongation means extension, e.g. the outgrowth of a tooth over the level of its neighboring teeth.


Loss of dental substance due to chemical attack, mostly due to food-borne acids, also in case of reflux disease and bulimia. Typically, erosions are found on the insides of the upper anterior teeth and can be detected as a smooth, flat ablation which is not caused by tooth contacts. The high consumption of acidic fruits, […]


It is an older aligner product developed by the American orthodontist J. Sheridan. It is suitable for small corrections of the anterior teeth.


Eugnathia refers to a normal occlusion (proper bite). In a broader sense a good positioning of teeth and jaws.    Moreover, eugnathia is a descriptive term which refers to anatomy but it has almost nothing to do with health or illness.


Extraction is the technical term for pulling teeth. The extraction of permanent teeth is a reasonable treatment option in about 20 % of orthodontic patients.


Extrusion describes the vertical movement of teeth while moving them slowly out of their alveoles. There’s no elongation of the dental crown because the surrounding tissues like gingiva and jaw bone move with the dental root. Extrusion is usually predictable only with fixed appliances, but can be achieved to a certain extent with aligners such […]