Labial Labial is a directional term for: in the direction of the lip.


Lacebacks Lacebacks are eight-shaped metal ligatures between canines and the last molars included in the multi-bracket appliances. They are used to accelerate space closure and prevent protrusion of front teeth.


Laterognathia This term describes a lateral bite in the lower jaw and is often associated with an unilateral crossbite in the posterior teeth and asymmetry in the whole of the lower face. Treatment of laterognathia is either possible with orthodontic tooth movement or a surgical relocation of the lower jaw.


Laterotrusion Laterotrusion describes the lateral movement of the mandible. Adults normally show a range of movement from 8 mm to 12 mm. This can differ without being an illness value. Different values on the left or right side are normal.


Ligature Connection between orthodontic wires and brackets in the multi-bracket appliance, usually in the form of an elastic ring or a steel ligature.


Lingual Lingual is a directional term for: in the direction of the tongue.

Lingual Technique

Lingual Technique This term describes a kind of orthodontic treatment that uses a fixed brace attached to the inside of the teeth that is invisible from the outside. The Lingual Brace is the only truly invisible treatment method because a removable Aligner is not actually invisible at all. In 1975 in the USA, some orthodontists […]

Lip Bumper

Lip Bumper The Lip Bumper is an appliance used for the lower dental arch and is usually attached with bands to the first molars (the first big back teeth).The Lip Bumper can either be fixed in position or can be of a removable type. The Lip Bumper can be used to tilt the first molars […]