Rapid Maxillary Expansion (RME)

Rapid maxillary expansion (abbreviated RME) is done by a fixed appliance designed to widen the upper jaw’s bony base. It was first introduced by Angell in 1877. However, he was not taken seriously as the mere possibility of expansion of the bony palate was disputed and the procedure was initially forgotten about for decades. It […]


A retainer (to retain = to preserve, to stabilize) is just a brace that is used to stabilize the teeth following orthodontic treatment. There are both fixed and removable retainers. Fixed retainers are usually thin metal wires that are invisible from the outside. They are fixed to the inside of the teeth where they can […]


This term refers to any method that is used to stabilize the results of orthodontic treatment after the active part of the treatment has finished. Retention is an essential part of any orthodontic treatment because any teeth that have been moved have a natural tendency to return to their former position once the treatment has […]


The term retrusion offers several meanings, which can be used in different contexts. Retrusion of teeth: This is an orthodontic condition whereby the front teeth show a bi-maxillary retrusion (Crooked front teeth tilted backwards in both dental arches) Retrusion of a tooth, so to say physically moving a tooth, particularly a front tooth. This is […]

Root canal

The narrow and fibrous part of the root where blood vessels and nerve tracts are running through.

Root cement

The bone-like, quite soft substance which covers the human dental root.

Root Resorption

Root resorption refers to apical granulomas on the roots of the teeth which can lead to the appearance of small dimples or even to the disappearance of whole root tips. This can of course happen as part of the normal bite, even in the absence of any orthodontic treatment, but it does tend to be […]