Gingiva Gingiva is the medical term for gum.

Gingival recession

Gingival recession The gingival recession is a local receding of the gums along one or several teeth leading to exposed tooth necks. The main risk factors for gingival recession are thin bone and soft tissue layers covering the tooth roots and aggressive oral hygiene. Orthodontic treatment, in particular pronounced expansion of the dental arches, can […]


Gingivitis Gingivitis refers to gum inflammation. Without any treatment most of the patients will develop a periodontitis, which is a chronic disease of the tooth supporting connective tissue. Gingivitis is caused by plaque – bacterial stain. Most of the times, it disappears immediately and without consequences if people take a good oral hygiene for serious.


Gnathology This term refers to the anatomy of the jaw and is a branch of dentistry that is concerned with the function and dysfunction of the stomatoghnathic system, i.e. the teeth, periodontium, chewing muscles and the jaw joints. Seen from this perspective, the whole of dentistry could actually be described as gnathology. Historically, however, gnathology […]


GOZ Scale of fees for dentists; the statutory fees for private dental services outside the statutory health insurance

Growth spurt

Growth spurt The growth spurt is an acceleration of growth in adolescence and occurs in girls mostly at 11 to 12 years, in boys at 13 to 14 years, with a wide range of variation. In recent decades, the growth spurt has occurred earlier in most regions of the world (the secular trend). During the […]