Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth have not succeeded in eruption and stay in the jaw bone in an abnormal position.


Impaction describes the fact that tooth eruption is hindered by adjacent teeth. An impacted tooth cannot erupt by itself, but must be aligned orthodontically, occasionally after surgical exposure.  


A titanium screw which is as big as a natural dental root and is inserted into the jaw bone. The crown is placed on the implant to replace the missing tooth.


Towards the incisal edges, belonging to the incisal edges


Between the teeth, concerning the interdental space

Interproximal Enamel Reduction

The interproximal enamel reduction is a method for reducing the width of teeth through the removal of some tenths of a millimeter of enamel between the teeth. In English the procedure sometimes is called air-rotor stripping (ARS) because the procedure is often done by an air-rotor, in German the abbreviation ASR is used for „Approximale […]

Intraoral scanner

A high-precision intraoral camera for use in the oral cavity to create three-dimensional datasets of teeth and jaws. These can be used for diagnostic purposes or for further processing in the dental laboratory. The intraoral scan can replace the traditional impression taking with impression trays and impression material, providing even more accurate results.


Intrusion refers to the vertical movement of teeth while moving them slowly into their alveoles. There’s no shortening of the dental crown because the surrounding tissues like gingiva and jaw bone move with the dental root. Intrusion is usually predictable and can be achieved to a greater extent by using fixed appliances.


This treatment procedure, which was introduced by Align Technologies in the US at the end of the 1990’s, involves the use of transparent, removable appliances which are called aligners. Invisalign and other aligners are barely visible when the person is talking and they do not usually impede speech at all, so they are offered for […]

Invisalign Express

This is a special product from Align Technologies for less common treatment requiring only a few Aligners. The manufacturing costs are a little cheaper than the cost of normal Invaslign procedures. Invisalign i7 and Invisalign lite are special offers from Align Technology for simple orthodontic problems requiring only seven or 14 aligners. In 2019, Invisalign […]

Invisalign Teen

This is a special product from Align Technology for younger patients. In 2019, Invisalign Teen was renamed Invisalign Comprehensive Phase II which unfortunately is a cumbersome term for a simple thing. At the same time, Invisalign was also offered for early treatment in the mixed dentition, named Invisalign First. Invisalign Teen or Comprehensive Phase II […]

Invisalign® Comprehensive

Invisalign® Comprehensive has been the name for Invisalign’s® comprehensive orthodontic treatment since 2019, with an unlimited number of aligners available. The product had been called Invisalign® full up to then.

Invisalign® Comprehensive Phase II

Invisalign® Comprehensive Phase II has been the name for the comprehensive orthodontic treatment of Invisalign® in adolescents since 2019, with an unlimited number of aligners available. The product had been called Invisalign Teen® up to then.

Invisalign® First

Invisalign® First is a 2019 aligner product from Align Technology for the early orthodontic treatment in mixed dentition with Invisalign® which offers an unlimited number of aligners. Since early orthodontic treatment makes sense only in a few exceptional cases, and Aligners are rarely considered for most of the rare indications, Invisalign® First hasn’t been used […]

Irregularity Index

The Irregularity Index defines the added contact point deviations of the   mandibular front teeth in the horizontal plane. Developed by Little and Riedel at the University of Washington, it is often used in orthodontics to measure the positional deviations of the mandibular front teeth.

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